Virbac KnockOut E.S. Area Treatment (16 ounce)



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Virbac KnockOut E.S. Area Treatment, 16 oz


Household Insecticide with Nylar® (pyriproxyfen) Insect Growth Regulator.

Virbac Knockout extra strength Area Treatment with Pyriproxyfen Insect Growth Regulator kills active flea infestations and prevents infestations from developing. Prevents reinfestation for seven months. Adult fleas may be seen in the treated areas when brought in on infested animals or when adults emerge from pupal cases however a population will not develop in the treated area. In transportation equipment certain plastics may be whitened or dulled. Apply only to carpets and cloth-upholstered areas or test an inconspicuous area before treating. For use in apartments automobiles homes hospitals hotels kennels motels offices schools supermarkets transportation equipment (buses boats ships trains trucks) warehouses utilities veterinary clinics and other commercial and industrial buildings.

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  • Pyriproxyfen:
  • 2-[1-Methyl-2-[4-phenoxyphenoxy] ethoxy] pyridine 0.100%.
  • Pyrethrins 0.050%
  • N-octyl bicycloheptene dicarboximide 0.400%
  • Permethrin [*3-Phenoxyphenyl) methyl (+ or -) cis-trans-3- (2 2-dichloroethenyl) 2 2-dimethylcyclopropatecarboxylate] 0.400%
  • Related Compounds 0.035%
  • Inert Ingredients 99.015%.

Use Virbac Knockout extra strength Area Treatment at the rate of 16 oz for up to 2100 sq ft (8 oz for up to 1000 sq ft). Carpeted areas may be vacuumed before treatment and after treatment has dried. Treat infested areas or areas which could be infested; these include rugs carpets upholstered furniture pet beds and pet resting areas. Hold can at arm's length and direct spray toward the areas to be treated. Use a sweeping motion to apply product and back away from treated area while holding the can 36 inches away from the surface being treated. Area of 80-100 sq ft can be treated in approximately 10 seconds with Virbac Knockout extra strength Area Treatment. When treating upholstered furniture treat under cushions and areas where flea development occurs. Cover aquariums and fish bowls and remove birds from area prior to treating. Treated areas should be vacated during application. Except for applicator do not permit humans or pets to contact treated surfaces until the spray has dried.

Notice: Virbac Knockout extra strength Area Treatment has been tested on several types of carpet fabric and other household furnishings without adverse effects. In a few instances waxed surfaces have been whitened or dulled. Holding the can 36 inches away from the target surface normally prevents any whitening from occurring. Because of the wide variety of floor types and finishes treat a small inconspicuous area before treating the entire area. Avoid contact with antique finishes.

Contraindication(s): Do not treat pets with this product.

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