Veterinus Derma GeL 4-in-1 Animal Skin Care Gel - 100mL



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Veterinus Derma GeL

Isotonic hydrogel indicated for intensive and rapid skin care.

Veterinus Derma GeL provides a long term moist environment and a protective film effect to protect against external contaminants.
Bandaging the area is not required.
Veterinus Derma GeL favors rapid hair regrowth in the original color.

Unlike traditional jars and containers in which you have to dip your fingers and contaminate the product with each use, this tube dispenser prevents impurities from entering the tube. Just squeeze a little on your finger or directly on the wound.

Ideal for all types of skin lesions: cuts, scratches, deep open wounds... uncovered or bandaged.

  • Maintains a moist wound environment to prevent scab formation.
  • Allows epithelial cells to migrate across the wound, multiply and enhance healing.
  • Encourages wounds to heal from the sides as well as the bottom.
  • Allows for the production of new epithelial cells that are identical to those lost.
  • Does not harm the wound.
  • Does not contain any mutagenic agents.
  • Provides thermal insulation and a bacterial barrier.
  • Decreases pain and helps to decrease inflammation.
  • Speeds up the healing process.

Promotes wound healing in all animal species: horses, dogs, cats, livestock, birds, reptiles and exotics.

By: Vetoquinol

UPC: 682635010014

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Cleanse the affected area daily with warm water or a saline solution only, so as to preserve epithelial cells from irritation. Apply generously two or three times a day, as needed. To help prevent abnormal skin proliferation extend application to the surrounding area. Safe to use for competition, gestation or when licked.

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