Vetoquinol Tri Omega for Large Dogs - 250 Capsules

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Triglyceride Omega Capsules - 2000mg

Formerly AllerG-3

Made in the USA  Satisfaction Guaranteed  NASC Seal

Triglyceride Omega Capsules are an excellent supplementary source of Omega-3 fatty acids where dietary intake is inadequate or when the skin and coat condition indicate that supplementation would be of benefit to the animal. Triglyceride Omega contains the only fish oil to achieve USP ingredient verification. 

Does your dog have skin rashes and a coat problem?
Does he scratch continuously because of dry coat or allergies?

Triglyceride Omega Capsules are the best way to achieve and maintain your pets skin and coat health!

Triglyceride Omega products contain the only fish oil to achieve USP ingredient verification. USP uses rigorous standards to evaluate manufacturing and quality control systems and test ingredient samples for compliance with identity, strength, quality and purity claims as well as acceptable contaminant limits. USP is a world-recognized, not-for-profit, independent authority that has set the official standards for medicines, dietary supplements, and ingredients in the United States since 1820.  


1 capsule daily for dogs 60-80 lbs or 2 capsules for dogs over 80 lbs. 
Capsules may be punctured and liquid content squeezed onto food if desired.

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