Urine Off Cat & Kitten Urine Cleaning Kit

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Urine Off Cat & Kitten Urine Cleaning Kit

Includes the Powerful Urine Finder LED Light!

Finally, something that actually works! When dried, urine is next to impossible to see with the naked eye. With the powerful Urine Off LED Urine Finder, you'll be able to find soiled areas with ease! And with the Urine Off Cleaning Solution and Amazingly Absorbent Zorb-It-Up! Sheets, you can kiss urine stains goodbye!

The Urine Off Cleaning Solution is manufactured with Bio-Enzymatic technology to eliminate stains & odors completely, rather than just covering it up. Safe to use around humans and pets, the Urine Off Cleaning Solution even removes old stains!

  • Contains pheromone blockers - helps prevent "marking"
  • Not a perfume or cover-up - actually eliminates all major components of urine!
  • Removes urine stains - even old ones!
  • Safe to use around pets and humans

For quick and easy cleanup, use the amazingly absorbent Zorb-It-Up! Sheets (included). Super absorbent with a leak-proof barrier, the Zorb-It-Up! Sheets utilize Bio-Pro's incredible absorbent technology that absorbs over 100 times its own weight!


  • 1 - 500ml Urine Of Cleaner
  • 1 - Carpet Injector Cap
  • 1 - Sprayer for Hard Surfaces
  • 1 - Urine Off LED Urine Finder
  • 4 - Zorb-It-Up! Sheets

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