Tomlyn Pre & Probiotics Water Soluble Powder for Cats - 30 Packets

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Product Description

Pre & Probiotics Powder for Cats

by Tomlyn

Made in the USA

Nutritional Supplement for cats to help maintain balanced intestinal health. Contains the highest colony forming units (CFU's) on the market and is a source of live (viable) naturally occurring microorganisms.

Advanced formula with over 4 billion CFUs-Cat of probiotics per packet to help support proper digestive and bowel health

  • One prebiotic added to support the growth of beneficial bacteria & five probiotics
  • Contains direct-fed microbial cultures to supply beneficial microorganisms that occur naturally in the hind gut of healthy animals
  • Flavorless & easy to digest – all natural source of probiotics
  • 30 easy to use packets
  • Individually sealed packets are airtight to keep out moisture

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Feed orally. Once daily, mix contents of one (1) packet with pets food and water



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