PetSafe SSSCAT Spray Deterrent (PPD00-16168)



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Product Description

SSSCAT Spray Deterrent

by PetSafe

The motion-activated spray safely and automatically keeps pets away from rooms, furniture, and areas in your home. Set it on the counter to keep your cat from jumping up, or place it in the doorway to the living room to keep your dog out of the room and off the couch. It's easy to train your dog or cat to stay out of certain areas. When your pet comes near the Ssscat, he'll feel a quick burst of harmless but startling spray. The spray reminds your pet to stay away. The adjustable spray nozzle can detect and deter pets from up to 3 feet away. Uses 4 AAA batteries (not included).

Key Features

  • About 120 sprays per can. Additional refills are available for purchases.

More Information

To refill the unit, make sure the unit is turned off. Hold the refill spray can upright and firmly press the nozzle down into the refill port. Hold for 15 seconds or until the unit is full, then remove the can. If spray leaks out, you may need to press harder to complete the seal.

System Includes

  • Motion activated spray nozzle
  • 1 can of spray deterrent

A note from CountrySide Pet Supply owner:

I know this deterrent works.  We use it to keep our cats off our counter and out of the room we keep our canary in. You can use this in confidence - they really work!

Ken B.

PS:  We have found they usually work on dogs to keep them out of an area.

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Product Review

Customer Reviews

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Valerie M.
It Works!

I was looking for a safe way to stop by babies from scratching at doors. I stumbled across this product and decided to take a chance. It is WONDERFUL! It only took 2 days to correct the bad behavior. I would recommend it to everyone!


I was looking for a way to keep my inquisitive cats from jumping on tables, countertops and other items and at last there is a product that works! I did try another product that would emit a sound if the cat pounces on it but it just was not that effective. The SSScat really makes the difference. They hear it and they flee. And now, if they see it they flee - LOL! So yes precious large floor vases and other valuable items can be spared at last! I do recommend this for any pet owner who has to create safe (non toxic) boundaries for their pets.