Small Ultra-Plush Cuddler Bed by Armarkat

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Ultra-Plush Cuddler Bed

by Armarkat

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Armarkat Model C70NBS-S cuddler pet bed is covered in ultra-thick and soft plush for your pet’s comfort. Suited for cats or little dogs. The bed is great for small spaces. We recommend hand-washing though it is machine washable. The skid-free and water-resistant base makes it a worry-free, maximum comfort bed. Comes with a 6-year manufacturer's warranty for manufacturer defects.

UPC: 815481012394


Overall Dimensions: 22"(L) x 22"(W) x 8"(H)
Inner Diameter: 16"
Pad Thickness: 3.9"
Gross Weight: 2.5 lbs.
Net Weight: 2 lbs.

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Babette L.
Love the color and the softness of the material!

we have tried 3 different types of beds for him (Chi x Corgi 14 lbs; would probably not go too much bigger with either cat or dog on the UPCB) to cuddle in as he gets cold with very little undercoat here...yes even in summer he likes to cuddle under a blanket! In the winter he usually needs a heating pad if not cuddling with us. We plan on traveling in the next year and cannot always provide him with constant covers or a heating pad; I started looking for another bed (tried a bed with a cave like opening; NO tried a bed with a soft blanket like flap; NO and last but not least we tried a bed that represented a couch with some throw blankets; he was okay with this but never seem to get under any blankets on his own! Hence the search began for a bed he could bury himself in at least part way - legs, underbelly and most of one side at least. Well I really did not like any of the dog beds that were out there so I though why not a cat bed....
This particular bed came up with two cats halfway buried into the bed as the picture and the reviews on it were very good. As I kept looking I kept going back to the ULtra-Plush Cuddler Bed! I bought , which was easy. It shipped, which was fast... and as you can see he loves it and can literally buried himself up to all but his side and an ear, with NO blankets needed; unless of course you are a blanket stealer:) Would definitely recommend this to any cat or dog who needs a warm cuddle during the day or night.
Sorry about the previous review as you can tell it was for a leash thru BaxterBoo; again sorry...