Redonyl Ultra Feline Skin Support Supplement 100gm



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Product Description

Redonyl Ultra Feline Skin Support Supplement

by Dechra

  • Palatable, flavorless, and odorless
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Contains no wheat, beef, chicken, or other flavoring

Redonyl Ultra uses the ultra-small ingredient Palmitoylethanolamide (or PEA-um) to deliver ultra-big skin support. In a controlled study of 57 cats, PEA-um was shown to have a significant effect on skin health. In this study, only 2 cats experienced side effects, which were non-serious.

For use in cats only. Recommended for support of healthy skin function.


Under the directions of a veterinarian, administer powder daily at mealtime using the chart below as a guideline. The total daily amount can be divided into multiple portions if desired. Reseal container after administration.

 Body Weight Amount Frequency
9 lb or less 1 scoop Daily
9.1 lb or more 1.5 scoops Daily

Product Review

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Short expiration date, and cat wont touch it

The product I received mid-May has an expiration date of 12/2022, which is pretty short for a big tub. The jar was sealed properly but the powder smells very strong and my cat won’t touch any food I mix the powder in, so that’s $37 down the drain. Not sure if the smell is “normal” or due to the fact that the product is close to expiration date. I will try the liquid form another reviewer mentioned for our cat that is allergic to life.

Kermit H.
very happy

product seems to be working great.

It helps but not as much as I’d like with the scratching

My sweet, loveable cat is 14 & has had an autoimmune issue since he was 3. He’s allergic to pollen, fir trees & foods. He’s been on Atopica med since 5 & special kibble. He’s my high maintenance kitty but he’s the sweetest cat we’ve ever known so I’ll do anything to help his issues. This supplement seems to have eliminated most of his dry, flaky skin issues but I can’t say it’s helped with diminishing his need to scratch or lick spots. I will also mention it helps keep his feces regular & moist rather than constipated & hard. I had to give him powdered psyllium before. His coat does look healthy. So thumbs up in this product !

Jenna G.
Saved my Little Ricky

Little Ricky was diagnosed with severe allergies, and he almost died from them. Redonyl was the secret to his being able to eat anything he wants and still not worry about food allergies.

Robert C.
Did not know it was a powder - No good for my cat

I had been using a capsule which I cut open and squeeze out and mix the liquid Redonyl Ultra into my cat's canned food. She eats without reserve. This product is in powder form -- and even if mixed well into her food, even I can smell the medicine -- My cat refuses to eat it. So its back to the capsule form from another source. I do not recommend the powdered form.