Pro-Biolac Milk Replacer for Puppies - Makes 8 Ounces

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Product Description

Pro-Biolac for Puppies

by Vetoquinol

Pro-Biolac™ for Puppies A nutritionally complete milk replacer to be fed as a nutritional supplement when the supply of mother’s milk is inadequate or as the sole ration for orphan puppies. When indicated, Pro-Biolac may be used to fortify the ration of mothers milk to help meet the increased nutritional requirements in late gestation and early lactation.

Whenever possible puppies should receive colostrum (first milk) for the first 2 days since this supplies antibodies essential to disease resistance in early life.

Vet Solutions Pro-Biolac Milk replacer for puppies and food supplement for adult dogs containing Colostrum DHA and Viable (live) naturally occurring micro-organisms.

UPC: 802679482749

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