Pocket Hero Handheld ISO Microchip Reader



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Product Description

Pocket Hero Handheld ISO Microchip Reader

The All-New ISO Microchip Reader from Microchip ID Systems, the makers of the Pro-ID and Buddy-ID Microchips!

‘Check the Chip’ anytime, anywhere! Introducing our PocketHero™ microchip reader.  When you need fast action and solid performance, your PocketHero™ is ready to work. Well built, tested and approved by Microchip ID Systems.

Reads all ISO 15 digit chips from any company or country. PocketHero™ is ISO Certified and will read only the 15 digit ISO certified chips.  TIP:  ISO chips always have 15 digits and they never have letters – ISO standards are worldwide.

  • Size: 4.75 inches long.
  • Bright viewing window – use any time of day.
  • Entire chip number displayed on one line. (Yes, it matters.)
  • Battery level icon in window.
  • Auto turn-off saves battery life.
  • Keyboard Simulator – PocketHero acts like your keyboard and sends the found chip number to your connected device.
  • Sunny Orange or Bright Green Carrying Pouch.
  • 1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • PocketHero™ Reader
  • Protective microfiber carry pouch (Choose a color!)
  • Durable ‘Test Chip’ Fob
  • Mini USB cable
  • Instructions


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Customer Reviews

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I always carry an ISO reader for my dog when we come over for a 6 montn stay in the USA. I have had to use it a few times. Disaster struck when the reader stopped working. Searching the internet I found CPS and the pocket hero reader. Looked too good to be true but I ordered it. Arrived quickly and was soon plugged in and charging but I kept all the packaging. It read the chip with it no problem. I tried it on Burt and up came his microchip number. Very easy to read and 'pocket' is right - this is so easy to carry with me. Thoroughly recommend it for peace of mind. Sensibly priced. Only comment would be, would have preferred a quieter colour than the choice, still it won't be easily lost!