Pierce's All Purpose Nu-Stock for Animals

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For over 45 years, Nu-Stock has been an industry-leader in healing any type of wound that your companion may have! Non-toxic and steroid-free, Nu-Stock is safe to use on horses, cattle, dogs and even cats! Once applied, Nu-Stock starts working immediately, stopping itching and promoting fast hair growth. It is effective on all skin disorders, deep wounds, cuts and eliminates certain growths on animals.

Shake well before using. Cleanse area to be treated, let dry. Try a small amount at first to see how animal reacts. Then, apply to all affected areas. Repeat every 3 days until desired results. Do not wash off until reapplication is needed. May be thinned with baby oil if necessary to retain lotion-like consistency.

To prevent eye contamination, wear protective rubber gloves when applying this product or wash hands thoroughly after applying.

For Treatment of Ear Problems

Apply down into the ear as far as possible once every 3 days.

Topical use only. Consumption of this medication may cause nausea and vomiting in animals. (Due to its bitter taste, most animals will not lick this product. However, to prevent them from licking, use a bandage, muzzle, old t-shirt, E-collar, etc.) Prolonged or frequent use may cause allergic reactions in some individuals. If signs of sensitivity occur after using any topical medication, bathe animal with mild soap and rinse with large amount of water. If signs continue, consult a veterinarian immediately. Use sparingly on pets under 12 weeks of age.


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