PetSafe SlimCat Treat/Food Dispensing Toy Ball Feeder (Orange)

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Product Description

Cats love to play, hunt and eat and the /PetSafe Multivet SlimCat Food Distributor

Ball combines all three. The SlimCats gives cats interaction and stimulation

while exercising.



Chasing the SlimCat as prey actually does lead to food!

Multivet designed the SlimCat to increase your cat`s activity and can

be used to decrease a cat`s over eating. The SlimCat is dishwasher safe

and can also be cleaned with hot soapy water.

Features And Benefits Of The Multivet SlimCat Food Distributor:

- Fights boredom, lethargy, obesity and builds muscle and burns fat.

- Improves alertness.

- Satisfies the cat need to hunt for food. 

Directions For The Multivet SlimCat Food Distributor.

- Open the SlimCat from underneath.

- Fill with 2/3 of a cup (150 ml) of his favorite

  dry cat food. Keep one piece of dry food to help you with the next step.

- Adjust the hole size to allow the one piece of food to pass through easily.

  To slide open the lock mechanism on the SlimCat, and rotate the top

  of the SlimCat to the desired hole size. Then lock.

- To help your cat understand the SlimCat, it is better to allow for more

  food to be released initially.

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