PetSafe Passport Door Key (PAC00-13798)

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Product Description

PetSafe Passport Key

The Passport Key™ works with the Passport™ Pet Access Smart System™ and can be used for an additional pet using the Passport or as a replacement if your pet’s Passport Key is lost.

  • Worn on your pet's collar, the Passport Key uses radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology by using a unique code to signal the Passport to operate as programmed for your pet. 
  • The Passport Key is about the size of a quarter and does not require batteries to operate. 
  • Each Passport can program up to 20 Passport Keys.

Key Features

  • Program up to 20 Passport Keys to your Passport Door
  • Split key rings included to easily attach to pet’s collar
  • No batteries needed
  • Clear key with inner copper ring
  • Dimensions: 1-3/8” L x 1-5/8” H x ¼” D


  • Water-resistant
  • Compatible with the Passport™ Pet Door (PPA00-13795, PPA00-13796)


Small children can pass through pet doors.



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