PetSafe In-Ground Radio Fence (PIG00-13661)

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PetSafe In-Ground Fence Radio Fence (PIG00-13661)

Safety shouldn't be costly. What a wonderful feeling to give your pet the freedom to enjoy the yard, without worrying about escape or harm. A waterproof Deluxe Ultralight receiver collar and buried perimeter wire combine to let your precious pet know they should stay in the yard. The collar features 4 adjustable levels of static correction plus tone-only mode for training to help you find the right level for your pet. Additional built-in safety features help keep your pet safe in your yard. You'll feel confident knowing that your pet is playing safely in your yard.

Here's how it works:

The collar picks up a signal from a transmitter as your dog nears the boundary wires. A beep alerts your dog and most dogs do so well with training that they stop right then! For those that continue, a harmless static correction reminds them to stay in the area you've established. Simply adjust the correction level if your dog continues to test the boundaries.

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  • For dogs 8 pounds and up
  • Fits neck sizes 6-28"
  • 4 adjustable levels of static correction
  • Tone-only mode alerts your pet with a beep
  • Expandable up to 10 acres with additional wire ( not included)
  • Waterproof receiver collar
  • Collar uses PetSafe RFA-67 battery (included)
  • Covers up to 1/3 acre with included boundary wire
  • Correction increases if your dog tries to run through the boundary zone
  • Correction stops after 30 seconds
  • Add an unlimited number of pets with additional in-ground receiver collars
  • Works with 14-20 gauge copper insulated wires
  • Transmitter with power adapter and mounting bracket
  • Receiver collar with RFA-67 battery
  • Operating and training guide
  • 50 boundary training flags
  • 500 feet of 20 gauge boundary wire
  • Surge protector
  • Wire nuts
  • Gel-filled capsules

Product Review

Customer Reviews

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We have had the product for a year or so and it has worked flawlessly. Our escape artist very large very intelligent golden retriever has not left our large fenced yard. We literally
spent thousands on fences, patches any way to keep him from going under, over, thru you name it he did it. Bought this product and in a couple of days he has not been out since. Great product.


We purchased it for our shepard mix Cooper. He ran whenever he had the chance. Our neighbor had the system and advised a trial. Within 2 weeks, Cooper was never leaving the boundaries. Its been almost a year and we can leave him alone in the yard for the afternoon and he never leaves. The first collar battery died in 2 months, we replaced it and its been over 6 months and its still working fine. I highly recommend this product as it works as described. I only wish it had a training collar to add.


Posted by Debra Striner on 13th May 2014

I purchased this fence so I could eliminate the chain tying my beagle out side. After installing the fence we followed the directions on training her were the boundary was. She did receive on shock and has never crossed the boundary since! She loves being able to run the entire yard and has been so much easier it house-train. Thank you petsmart for a great product!