PetSafe Extra Wire & Flag Kit (PIG00-13769)



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PetSafe Extra Wire & Flag Kit

Add additional 20-gauge wire and flags to increase your fence area. This kit will compliment the wire and flags that come with your in-ground pet fencing system. Use the flags to train your pet, then remove them after training. Save the flags in case you add a new pet to the system or your pet needs more training sessions in the future. We recommend keeping a flag or two in your yard to let neighbors and passerby know that your pet is safely contained. Also included are 2 gel capsules and connectors to splice and repair broken boundary wires.


  • Compatible with PetSafe or Innotek in-ground fence kits

System Includes

  • 500 feet of 20-gauge wire
  • 50 flags
  • 2 waterproof gel-filled capsules
  • 2 wire connectors

Use the table below to determine exactly how much wire you’ll need based on the size of the area you want to secure. Keep in mind that creating interior loops to the boundary of areas like gardens and swimming pools will use more wire. (Table assumes square layout; rectangular layouts may require more wire.)

Acres Wire Needed Kits Needed
1/4 415 ft 1
1/3 480 ft 1
1/2 590 ft 2
1 835 ft 2
2 1180 ft 3
5 1870 ft 4
10 2800 ft 6
25 4500 ft 9



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