Petbiotics Clean Home Cleaner Pack

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Product Description

Petbiotics Clean Home Pet Cleaner Kit

Have a pet? Then, you need this kit!

Petbiotics' Cleaner Kit for Pets is powered by all-natural probiotics for a healthier and safer to clean.
Pets leave the most delightful surprises. Clean Home starts to work on contact on those surprised like pee, poop, puke and tough stains like grass and mud. We did all the shopping for you with this kit so you can get right down to business. Environmentally friendly and includes everything you need to get started.

  • The tough, reusable, BPA-free spray bottle is pre-measured to easily refill every time. Multiple spray settings to blast away any mess your pet leaves behind.
  • Clean Home Recharge is super concentrated to make 44 full spray bottles.
  • The high-quality, washable Petbiotics microfiber cloth makes cleaning a breeze. Better than traditional cloths, it's lint-free, streak-free and leaves everything looking like you just hired a butler.


By: Airbiotics USA


Petbiotics Clean Home 16oz Reusable Spray bottle, specifically pre-measured to quickly and easily refill from the Clean Home Recharge every time.

Petbiotics Clean Home Recharge, a super concentrated all-purpose cleaner, intended to refill 44 spray bottles worth of cleaner.

Petbiotics Microfiber Cloth, a high-quality microfiber cloth that is washable, reusable, lint-free, streak-free, incredibly absorbent, and fast-drying.

  1. Gently shake the Petbiotics Clean Home recharge bottle.
    Fill a clean spray bottle with 16 oz of water
  2. Pour in and mix 1 capful (5mL) of Clean Home concentrate.
  3. Let the probiotics go to work and spray where needed.
  4. For best results, use Petbiotics microfiber cloth to wipe surfaces.

For larger cleaning areas: Use 1oz of Clean Home per gallon of water.

For pet stains: Blot any excess fluid, spray the stained area liberally and let sit for 5 minutes. Scrub with a cloth, rinse with water, and blot dry with paper towels. Repeat if necessary.

Probiotics are alive! After 7 days, discard any unused portion from the spray bottle for maximum freshness. Repurpose it by pouring from the spray bottle into your sink, tub or toilet to clean the pipes and remove odors. Mix a fresh new bottle.

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