Pet-Enema for Dogs and Cats (12ml)

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Pet-Enema for Dogs and Cats

"My older long hair cat at times needs a little help and these enemas are gentle, easy to use and always clears up the problem."
D.H. 4/17/19

When you need an easy-to-use, safe enema for canine patients, Pet-Enema provides a convenient, non-toxic solution designed specifically for veterinary practice.

Each disposable Pet-Enema syringe contains 12 mL solution of dioctyl sodium sulfosuccinate 250 mg, glycerine and sorbic acid (as a preservative).

Dioctyl sodium sulfosuccinate acts to soften stools by facilitating movement of water into fecal mass: glycerine helps lubricate the rectal wall. Pet-Ema also helps stimulate the mucosa of the lower bowel and rectum.

By: PRN Pharmacal


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