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Paxon™ (Cranberry Extract) for Dogs

The Easy and Delicious Urinary Tract Supplement

What our customers say:

"My vet recommended this supplement"
"Paxon has stopped the problem"

Have you ever had a kidney stone? Did your Dr. tell you to drink cranberry juice? Your dog will not drink cranberry juice, but they will chew these great tasting tablets and each one is the equal of a glass of cranberry juice.

Paxon Cranberry Extract is a chewable supplement that provides dogs with extra support for optimal bladder function. Each tablet contains 100 mg of concentrated cranberry extract and is equivalent to one glass of cranberry juice. 

Cranberries have long been heralded as a supportive fruit for maintaining urinary tract health in people (particularly women). Vétoquinol’s team of researchers and veterinarians created Paxon to find an easy-to-administer way to provide dogs with the same benefits in a sugar-free, oxalate-free flavored tablet. The company’s cranberry extract formula provides at least 30 mg of polyphenols, the highest level of any product currently on the market, and is produced through a selective extraction process.

Each Paxon tablet contains 100 mg of concentrated cranberry extract produced through a patented and unique, selective extraction process.

Paxon has a positive impact on urinary tract health.

Each Paxon tablet provides at least 30 mg of polyphenols, principally A-type PACs, to maintain a healthy urinary tract. This represents as much PACs as one glass of cranberry juice (± 200 mL).

Paxon is a simple and tasty way to support urinary tract health.

Paxon is a tasty beef flavored chewable tablet. Giving Paxon is the best way to make sure your dog gets all the benefits of cranberries... and it’s easy too!

Cranberry PACs cause the surface of the bacteria to become compressed, reducing their potential adhesion. They may also change the shape of the bacteria and cause chemical changes to their surface membranes, thus reducing the bacteria's ability to function normally.

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Guidelines for use are based on the weight of the cat or dog:

<10 lb (5 kg) - 1/2 tablet
10–25 lb (5–11 kg) - 1 tablet
25–40 lb (11–18 kg) - 1 1/2 tablets
40–55 lb (18–25 kg) - 2 tablets
55–70 lb (25–32 kg) - 2 1/2 tablets
70–100 lb (32–45 kg) - 3 tablets

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Bobbie G.
5 star

received order quite a returning customer..will be back again


My corgi has had a lot of urinary tract infections. Paxon has stopped the problem. Excellent product!!