Oratene Veterinarian Breath Freshener - 4 Ounce

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Oratene Veterinarian Breath Freshener 

by Pet King Brand

Made in the USA

The Instant Pet Breath Freshener

UPC:  667334603002 

Oratene Veterinarian Breath Freshener contains bio-active enzymes that help boost and restore saliva’s natural balance without using harsh, drying chemicals or detergents. Squirt directly onto teeth, gums and inside cheeks as needed. 4 oz. bottle.

  • Contains natural Bio-Active Enzymes that effectively inhibit harmful odor-causing bacteria and remove plaque
  • Rinseless formulation
  • Should be used as part of a pet's daily oral care program
  • Gentle formulation relieves, soothes and protects
  • Non-species or age specific
  • Pets will love the pleasant flavor
  • Cleans and refreshes without burning
  • Does not contain Xylitol, alcohol, chlorhexidine or chlorine compounds
  • Promotes healing

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