Odor Free 6" Jumbo Bully Stick 16oz Bag

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Odor Free 6" Jumbo Bully Stick 16oz Bag by The Natural Dog Company

100% bull pizzle, sourced from free-ranging, grass-fed South American cattle.

We hand-sort all of our bully sticks by weight, to ensure a consistent product.

Recommended for: All life stages and sizes of dogs.

Chew Time: Depends on the size of the bully stick. Generally, bully sticks are a long lasting chew for puppies and small breeds.

Picking the Right Size:

For toy breeds, bully bites (3-5” pieces) are the way to go!

For dogs under 30lbs, you’ll want to stick with a 6” bully stick. Skinny bullies are great for softer chewers, whereas the power chewers need a jumbo sized bully stick.

For dogs over 30lbs, you’ll want to go with a 12” bully stick, and select a thickness based on your dog’s usual chew strength. For giant dogs, you’ll need a full length cane!

Benefits: This odor free bully stick will NOT smell while your dog is chewing it. Bully sticks are highly recommended for new puppy owners as well as newly adopted rescue dogs. They won’t be able to resist chewing on a bully stick and this will prevent the puppy from developing bad habits like chewing on shoes and furniture. Great for anxious or active dogs, as chewing calms dogs down and relieves stress.

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Calorie Content (calculated) 3.93 Kcal ME/g;

Fat 0.46%, Proteins 86.86%, Moisture 9.86%, Fiber 1.55%

100% bull pizzle, sourced from free-ranging, grassfed South American cattle.

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