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Nobivac Canine Flu H3N8

Canine influenza (Dog Flu) is an important illness that poses an emerging threat to all dogs.

Canine influenza virus (CIV) causes a respiratory infection in dogs that is often referred to as canine influenza. CIV is a relatively new virus, so almost all dogs are susceptible to infection when they are newly exposed because they have not built up natural immunity. Most dogs that develop CIV infection have a mild illness, but some dogs get very sick and require treatment.

There is an effective and safe vaccine for canine influenza fully licensed by the USDA. Nobivac Canine Flu H3N8 has been shown to control the spread and minimize the impact of CIV infection and has been proven safe in half a million dogs.

Pharmaceutical Name

Canine Influenza Vaccine, H3N8 KILLED VIRUS

Features and Benefits

The First Vaccine to Protect Against Canine Influenza

  • Approved for the control of disease associated with canine influenza virus (CIV) infection
  • Recommended for use in healthy dogs 6 weeks of age or older
  • Contains killed (type A, subtype H3N8) virus combined with an adjuvant to enhance the immune response

Proven to significantly reduce the clinical signs, severity, and spread of canine influenza infection

  • Reduced the incidence and severity of coughing
  • Decreased the overall clinical signs of disease including ocular and nasal discharge, coughing, sneezing, depression, and dyspnea
  • Reduced the days and degree of viral shedding
  • Demonstrated to protect against the formation and severity of lung lesions

Safety confirmed after a year of clinical use in half a million dogs

  • Well tolerated on subcutaneous administration
  • Adverse events reported were similar to those seen with other common canine vaccines
  • Proven safe across a multitude of breeds and ages

Easy to administer

  • Subcutaneous injection
  • Two 1-mL doses given 2 to 4 weeks apart
  • Annual revaccination with one dose is recommended 

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