Mycodex All-in-One (16oz Spray)

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Product Description

Mycodex All-In-One:

  • Kills fleas fast
  • More than three weeks control of adult fleas
  • More than three months control of flea eggs
  • Kills ticks; repels flies, gnats and mosquitos
  • For dogs, cats, puppies and kittens

Waterproof, egg control formula with Nylar.

Directions: Dogs and Cats: Cover animal's eyes with hand and with a firm, fast stroke to get a proper spray mist, spray head, ears and chest until damp. with fingertips, rub into face and around mouth, nose and eyes. Then spray neck, middle and hindquarters, finishing legs last. For best penetration of spray to the skin, direct spray against the natural lay of the hair. On long-haired dogs, rub your hand against the lay of the hair, spraying the ruffled hair directly behind the hand. Make sure spray thoroughly wet ticks. Reapply every 3 weeks.

Product Description

Insecticide, IGR, waterproofing agent and repellent all in one spray for dogs, puppies, cats and kittens. Quick knockdown of adult fleas. Also kills ticks and repels flies, gnats and mosquitoes.

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