MalAcetic Shampoo 12 oz

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Product Description


A safe, natural and effective formulation for maintenance and treatment

MalAcetic® Shampoo

  • This patented, pleasant smelling, acetic acid/boric acid shampoo is a revolutionary breakthrough in topical dermatology therapy.

  • Modeled after the widely accepted DermaPet MalAcetic Otic and the gentle, elegant DermaPet DermaLyte Shampoo, it is All-natural and contains no soaps, dyes or animal protein.

  • Acetic and Boric Acids have been used since medieval times for various maladies.

  • Acetic acid is a known conditioner for hair leaving it clean, soft and lustrous while removing soap, scales, dandruff and other residue.

  • This product is keratolytic, keratoplastic, deodorizing, de-skunking and degreasing.


Active Ingredients: 2% Acetic Acid and 2% Boric Acid



MalAcetics Technical Bulletin (PDF}


MalAcetic Shampoo MSDS Sheet


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