MalAcetic Conditioner 8 oz

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MalAcetic Spray


A safe, natural and effective formulation for maintenance and treatment

  • MalAcetic is available in an easy to use leave-on, dry-on Conditioner. Convenient to use after using ANY shampoo or by itself for the busy petowner or on the difficult pet, this patented, pleasant smelling, acetic acid/boric acid Conditioner is a revolutionary breakthrough in topicaldermatology therapy.
  • Modeled after the widely accepted DermaPet Ear/Skin Cleanser and MalAcetic Shampoo in agentle conditioner.
  • It is all-natural and contains no alcohol or polyethylene glycol which are both found in competitive products containing miconazole.
  • Acetic and Boric Acids have been used since medieval times for their antimicrobial properties.
  • Acetic acid is a known conditioner for hair leaving it clean, soft and lustrous while removing soap, scales, dandruff and other residue.
  • This product is keratolytic, keratoplastic, deodorizing, degreasing and is a substitute for miconazole, chlorhexidene and other residual products.
  • This product is useful for hot spots, Malassezia, Ringworm, pyoderma, seborrhea oleosa and most any dermatological problem.
  • Use MalAcetic Spray Conditioner in the treatment of Malassezia dermatitis and pyoderma, and for mainte- nance on those that are predisposed to Malassezia and pyoderma, and also those that have normal skin.


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