Inaba Churu Diet Veterinary Formula Appetite Motivator Tuna & Chicken, 50 Tubes

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Churu Diet

Churu Diet has an ultra-low calorie content to help maintain body weight and to reduce interference with medication administration. Available in 50ct jars, each jar contains 25 tuna and 25 chicken flavored packets.

Churu is an all-natural appetite motivator designed for cats. Churu is a highly palatable, flavor enticing puree in an easy to feed tube. It helps stimulate cats with poor appetite due to illness, surgery, stress, medication, or treatments. Churu helps provide a tasty distraction while giving medications, injections, topicals, grooming, or nail trimming. It can also be used as a training aid and for socializing cats. The high moisture content of Churu also provides a quick source of hydration. The flavors of Churu are made with all-natural animal proteins from wild tuna and farm-raised chicken. It does not contain grains, artificial preservatives or colors. Vitamin E added. 

Serve right from the tube or in a bowl.

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Crude Protein (min) 4.00%
Crude Fat (min) 0.10%

Crude Fiber (max) 0.50%
Moisture (max) 93.00%
Vitamin E (min) 310 IU/kg
Taurine (min) 0.05%


CHICKEN RECIPE: Water, Chicken, Tapioca, Natural Flavors, Natural Chicken Flavor, Guar Gum, Taurine, Vitamin E Supplement, Green Tea Extract.

TUNA RECIPE: Water, Tuna, Tapioca, Natural Flavors, Guar Gum, Natural Tuna Flavor, Taurine, Vitamin E Supplement, Green Tea Extract.

Calorie Content:

  • Churu Diet: 4 kcal per tube

This product is intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only. Refrigerate after opening and serve as soon as possible.

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Customer Reviews

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Linda S.
Cat loves them

My poor cat has mouth cancer and is having trouble eating, but when I give her a tube or two of the Churu Appetitie motivator combined with softened food she will devour it. Highly recommended for cats not wanting to eat.


The first tubes I got at the vet were well blended and I could dilute them with water and get my cat to drink more. The latest tubes have chunks and are harder to blend with water and get my cat to drink more.

Great for giving meds

We have to give out cat a prescription med. Our vet suggested the Nourish tubes. I was happy to see the low calorie version. Buddy LOVES this treat!

Manna F.
Great customer service!

I was excited to be receiving my package so quickly but was disappointed to see that they sent me the Nourish formula, instead of the diet. I gave them a quick call and they sent me a prepaid return label and correct item right away! I got the correct product within just two days and my senior cat with kidney disease was able to get her low-protein treat before we ran out of the old bottle (we need it to give her meds). Thank you Countryside Pet Supply for supporting my kitty!!


Regular INABA CHURU has 430 calories. This diet version has 300 calories. Thanks for making this available!