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HomeScan Microchip Reader

By: HomeAgain

What do our Customers say?
"I have a large, black lab mix that gets very hot in sunny weather. It is very easy to check his temperature with this scanner. You need to take into consideration that the chip is located just under the skin, but as the temperature reading increases it correlates with the dog's internal temperature."
             Errin W.

A new microchip reader just hit the market! The HomeScan Microchip Reader is a new microchip reader created by Merck Animal Health, the manufacturers of the HomeAgain microchips.

The HomeScan Microchip Reader will read ALL 134.2 kHz ISO microchips (15-digit), including the HomeAgain XS and HomeAgain TempScan microchips. When a temperature-sensing microchip is scanned, the reader will display the temperature of the site where the microchip was implanted.

  • Pocket-sized 
  • Lightweight
  • Reads ALL 134.2 kHz ISO microchips (15-digits)
  • Displays temperature when a temperature-sensing microchip is scanned
  • Includes USB cable to transfer scans to a computer
  • Requires 2 AA batteries (not included)
  1. Insert batteries. Press the button on the bottom of the reader to turn it on. It will automatically turn off when not in use.
  2. Press the button again and position the reader between the animal's shoulder blades, maintaining light contact with the pet's fur. Move the reader to follow the recommended scanning patterns (side-to-side and across the body; up and down the body)
  3. When the reader detects the microchip, it will display the microchip's number and temperature, when using a TempScan or other temperature-sensing microchips from Allfle or Destron Fearing.


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Customer Reviews

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Ronald F.

We have a chip like this one in our Malinois. We’re able to use the chip to find her if she was to get out, but we know her temperature when she out doing a search and recovery assignment

alisa k.
HomeScan Temperature Pocket sized Microchip Reader

I use my reader to check my Search and Rescue dogs temperature when training or deployed in the field. It is a quick and easy way to monitor it. It doesn’t alway match core temperature but I can monitor the changes to help keep my dogs safe when they are working.

Double G.S.
Nice product

Just what I needed, and priced right.

This is a game changer.

My vet told me that the newest id chips can read temperature, so no more old school temperature checks. We have a shar pei puppy, and this breed can be prone to dangerous fevers. With the HomeScan reader, we can check her temperature any time and get a good feel for what normal is after sleeping or playing or walking. I am thrilled to have this important tool in our arsenal for caring for this breed of puppy.

John W.
Good for finding kitty's temperature

I got it mostly to read my two cats' temperature. It is no trouble using it even if the cat doesn't want to sit still.