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Product Description

Hero Universal Microchip Reader

Rated the BEST SCANNER by veterinarians and customers!

What our customers say:

"This is the best reader I've used. Great price from Countryside pet supply"
          Clinton M.

Fast and easy to use. Instant Bluetooth, gives Hero the power to scan a chip and instantly send it to your waiting Bluetooth device. No more typing or entering microchip numbers into your computer.

Hero is the advanced chip reader for everyone. Well priced and built to do the job, Hero is uncomplicated yet full of features!

  • One-Touch Bluetooth: Simple and Fast.
  • FCC Tested and Certified for safety.
  • Perfect size: 7 inches tall.
  • Bright viewing window – use any time of day.
  • Entire chip number displayed on one line.
  • Chip number stays in window for 15 minutes! (Yes, we get it.)
  • Universal Chip Reading *
  • Battery level icon in window.
  • Auto turn-off saves battery life.
  • Uses simple 9V battery (Included).

* Reads these types of chips:
All 9, 10 and 15 digit chips.
All ISO chips.
All Brands.
NOTE: Will not read discontinued AKC Trovan chips.

What's Included?

Hero Universal Microchip Scanner
Chip fob with built-in ‘Test Chip’
FREE Carry Case of your choice.


Product Review

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Ron N.
Great all in one device, but a improvement or 2, wouldn't hurt.

All in all, I like it.

I bought this model over a number of others because of Countryside"s great price, & because it can scan pretty much everything current. I could have gotten a cheaper model that would scan just the chips I'm using, but thought, well, what if I switch chip brands, or buy a dog with a different chip, or something?

It scans very easily. The display is a pleasant blue, & is bright enough, with numbers large enough, to read easily. And, it not only has an auto shut off, in case you forget, but uses a common 9 volt battery. not a hard to find one, or a bunch of AA or AAA's you never have enough of, when you need them.

The bluetooth function sounds great, & allows you to pair to your bluetooth devices, & save the scanned number, but you can only save the number while it is displayed. I wish it had some storage capability, and it does require a text editor, like notepad at the very least, to transfer the data to, which is great for Windows, but isn't native on Android, so you'll have take time searching for & downloading one you like, to save the up to 15 digit codes. So that feature doesn't necessarily work right out of the box. Still, it was a minor inconvenience.

The other thing is, it is a hit bulky, in the way a really old calculator is a bit bulky. You would think it would be "pocket sized" at least, now days. But it should fit most people's hands.
Also on the plus side, the nice pouch, with test chip key fob. I chose black, but the lime green one would be hard to misplace.

BTW, I actually called Hero's customer service with some initial questions, and they were very pleasant, & helpful, & in the days of Covid, didn't leave me on hold for half an hour before answering!!!

Richard B.
Easy to use

I was looking for easy to use quality reader i found it and price was right highly recommend this unit

Tisha M.
Great Reader, Great Price

I am very happy with this little device. I have tried it on a few different chip types and have always gotten a read. What I really love is that it reads from a little bit of a distance from the animal!

Brenda G.
Great scanner!

Love this scanner. So simple to use. No need to keep track of another charging cord. Just uses a battery. Works great and scans all chips.

Renee B.
Fast service and great product

They had the best price and it fast delivery to me in just a few days. It scans and reads quick. I am happy with my purchase from Countryside.