Heated Whelping Nest 23"

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Heated Whelping Nest

  • Reduces mortality of newborn animals
  • Thermostatically controlled
  • Keeps puppies warm
  • Safe and easy-to-clean

Eliminate the danger of chilled pups, which can become susceptible to bacterial and viral infections as well as hypothermia. Maintains a constant temperature between 85 degrees and 95 degrees Fahrenheit, regardless of conditions around the whelping area. Recessed surface provides a natural nesting area for puppies. Safe and easy-to-clean, made of ABS plastic.

Nest with Controls is 23 inches in diameter and approximately 1.25" deep.
TE's heated whelping nest is the most successful source of supplemental heat for the following reasons:

Whelping of the Newborn
Chilling is the single greatest danger to the newborn. During the first week of life, peripheral blood vessels do not have the capacity to constrict or retain heat. If the puppy's body temperature falls below 95 degrees F, it can reduce metabolism and depress vital functions.
   Once a puppy becomes chilled, instinct tells the mother to reject it to avoid risk to the others. The newborn becomes susceptible to infection, and can often (due to visceral paralysis) become an ineffectual nurser.
   Visceral Paralysis is paralysis of the soft organs of the body, and along with paralyzing the esophagus, can also paralyze the stomach. When that happens, whatever milk that may be in the stomach won't be able to digest and will sour. There are many problems that can snowball into the loss of a puppy. A large part of those problems can be prevented if the puppy's body temperature is kept from falling below 95 degrees F. TE's heated whelping nest not only reduces mortality but produces healthier, more vigorous offspring and plays an important part in reducing stress on the female.
   Maintains a constant surface temperature - unaffected by surrounding environment or number of puppies.
   Evenly conducts heat throughout the nest without hot or cold spots.
   The temperature will only vary + or - one degree F from the set temperature. The unit will stop radiating heat when the desired temperature is reached and reactivate when heat source falls below the desired temperature.
   Supplemental heat must be selective between 90-100 degrees F. Less than 90 degrees will extract heat from the puppies. Over 100 degrees may cause dehydration and hyperthermia. Supplemental heat applies to the surface only. Air temperature should be approximately 70 degrees F.
   Adaptable to practically any facility in which animals may be kept.
   Recessed circular design meets the natural needs and instincts of mothers and newborns.

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