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HandsOn Grooming Gloves

Changing the way we bathe, groom, and shed. Forever.

Let's face it. Our furry friends shed.

And, depending on their hair type, shedding can get out of hand rather quickly. Enter HandsOn Grooming Gloves, the quickest and easiest way to bathe, groom, and de-shed even the toughest coats!

Your furry companion will love these gloves, and you will too! Grooming gloves give more of an intimacy factor than your normal de-shedding tools and brushes, as you are physically "petting" your animal while removing any and all loose hair, dirt, and debris.

  • The scrubbing nodules on the HandsOn Grooming Gloves eliminate the need for curry combs, bathing mitts, shedding blades and sweat scrapers. 
  • The tactile touch allows for cleaning of sensitive areas (face, ears, legs), while still being able to deep clean tougher, thicker parts of the body. 
  • The scrubbing nodules also massage muscles and stimulate circulation while distributing natural oils for healthier skin & coat.

HandsOn works best if they are a little snug on your hands.

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  • Available in 2 different colors and 5 different sizes.
  • WET or DRY - Scrubbing nodules on fingers and palms.
  • Outstanding shedder and hair do not stick to the gloves.
  • Flexible, non-stick grip, allowing you to handle leashes, ropes, shampoo bottles, or anything else that you might need while using the gloves.
  • Massages muscles and stimulates circulation, while distributing natural oils for healthier skin & coat.
  • Resistant to oils and chemicals while being Hypoallergenic - NO LATEX.
  • Tactile touch allows for cleaning of sensitive areas; apply as much or as little pressure as needed.
  • Completely eliminates the need for curry combs, bathing mitts, sweat scrapers, and shedding tools.
  • More intimate than normal grooming products and procedures. HandsOn grooming and petting allows you to connect with your pet on a level far beyond other grooming products.
  • Your hands and fingernails stay clean using HandsOn Gloves.

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Customer Reviews

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Anna F.
All the animals love these gloves!

I purchased the junior size and they fit my hands perfectly (ring size is 5 and wrist is 6" around)

The dogs and cat both come running when they see these green gloves come out! For the dogs, I use these on one hand while using the furminator in the other, and it works so well with getting the loose hairs off of the pups! One dog is a golden retriever mix and the other is a short hair lab mix, and this glove lets me groom their collar, necks and tails without them becoming uncomfortable. Highly recommend these!

Fantastic product!

I bought these for my French bulldogs and I am so impressed with how efficiently these gloves remove the loose hairs! First, the dogs go berserk when they see the gloves because they LOVE to be petted all the time. Second, the gloves help remove so much extra hair that the dogs aren’t shedding so much. It was really worth the money and I’m glad I bought them. Plus, CPS had them shipped to me super fast. I will definitely buy from CPS again! 😁 I ended up getting a Medium pair, because Small wasn’t available at the time. But they actually fit nicely.

Joanne D.

These gloves are terrific! But the size chart is wrong for most women.