FroliCat Flik Interactive Toy

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FroliCat Flik

FroliCat™ FLIK™ is an automatic teaser that throws a string to engage your cat in enthusiastic play.
Watch your curious cat stalk FLIK and try to capture the string before it hides again.

FLIK is fun for your cat and designed to look beautiful in your home.

No cat has ever had this much fun with an ordinary string before the FroliCat FLIK was created.

  • AUTOMATIC TEASER throws a string to excite your cat
  • EASY ON-AND-OFF OPERATION hands-free play 
  • FUN FOR YOUR CAT, great for your home
  • Place FLIK™ on the floor and press the on/off button
  • Experiment with FLIK™ by placing on a safe tabletop or shelf
  • Press the on/off button to turn off.

Requires 3 AA batteries - Not included

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