EPF-5 Equine Pain Formula Gel - 14 oz. Jar

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EPF-5 Equine Pain Formula

EPF-5 is a topical anesthetic mineral coolant gel that provides fast relief in reducing inflammation, swelling, muscular soreness, stiffness and pain as a result of lameness, sprains, curbs, bruises, capped knee, tendon and ligament soreness.

May be used concentrated or diluted depending on the condition.
Will not burn, blister or cause scurf.

Concentrated Application

  • For reducing inflammation, swelling or pain as a result of lameness, sprains, bucked shin, bruises, puffs, curbs, early stages of ringbone, sidebone splints - osselets, capped knee, elbows, tendon, ligament and muscle soreness.
  • For horses in training - use before and after a workout. Use under bandages, wet or dry.
  • In shipping horses - Use on legs and bandages, as usual, Use cotton only. Will not burn or blister under bandages.

Method of Use:
Be sure skin and hair are clean. If necessary, wash first. Rub deeply into hair in first application to ensure contact with skin. Then apply second liberal application. Use as often as indicated.

Diluted Application

  • After strenuous competition - use after racing, polo, hunting, jumping, roping, cutting, and gated performance.
  • As a therapeutic body wash - use when a coolant conditioner is indicated.

Method of Use:
Mix 2 tablespoons of EPF-5 to a quart of warm water. When small crystals form, releasing minerals and medications, apply with a sponge over the entire body, rubbing briskly.

Note: Do not apply with any other external medication to the same area where EPF-5 has been administered.

Track Caution:
When saliva or urine test is to be made, do not administer EPF-5 immediately before or after a race. If horse picks up traces of anesthetic components from licking, it may show up in a test.


By: Summit Hill Laboratories


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