EmerAid Sustain Nutritionally Complete Recovery Food for Herbivores



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Product Description

EmerAid Sustain Nutritional Supplement for Herbivores

by: Lafeber

Nutritional Supplement to Aid in Overall Health

EmerAid Sustain Herbivore is nutritionally balanced for herbivores with digestion and dental issues or recovering from sickness or surgery. Herbivores include rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, iguanas, tortoises, and some turtles. This high-fiber formula is electrolyte-balanced and has 8 fiber types, mint to aid in digestion, and long-lasting vitamin C that guinea pigs and degus need.

EmerAid Sustain can help:

  • Digestive Health
  • Senior Pets
  • Oral Health
  • Improve Appetite
  • Maintain Healthy Body Weight
  • Immune System Support

Weigh your pet daily to ensure proper weight. Feeding frequency and amount is best determined by an exotic animal veterinarian. Seek Veterinary Consultation for herbivores which are being hand-fed or have stopped eating.

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3 Easy and Fun Ways to Administer Sustain:

  • Herbi-Bites
  • Added to Food
  • In a Syringe

Herbivorous Mammals: Feed 3% or less of body weight per feeding. Provide 4-5 feeding per day.
Herbivorous Reptiles: Feed 2% or less of body weight per feeding. Provide 1-2 feedings per day.

Standard Mixing Directions

EmerAid Powder (Parts) Water
Feeding Route ME
1.5 2 Add to Food .82
1 1 Syringe 1.00
2 1 Herbi-Bites 2.50

Mix with very warm water measuring 122°F (50°C).

Estimated Feeding Amount at Each Feeding

 Weight Herbivorous Mammals Herbivorous Reptiles
100 g --- 1-2 ml
500 g 10-15 ml 5-10 ml
1 kg 20-25 ml 10-20 ml
2 kg 30-35 ml 20-30 ml
3 kg 40-60 ml 35-50 ml

Product Review

Customer Reviews

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EmerAid Sustain Nutritionally Complete Recovery Food for Herbivores

Thank you!

Thank you for all your help and for quick delivery and excellent products!

Joanna U.
Guinea pig loves this!

He's on critical care as a long term supplement. This was a great find as the mint flavor is something he loves over the regular critical care

Thomas G.

I feed it as a nutritional supplement a couple times a week great products for Rabbits

My guinea pigs love the flavor, great nutritional support

Some of my guinea pigs are fussy about their food, and it can be difficult to get them to eat other brands of emergency nutrition foods like this when they are ill or not eating well on their own. I usually feed them some each month as a 'treat' to get them used to eating from a syringe so if/when they get sick, it's easier. I thought I'd have a hard time transitioning some of them to this but I needn't have feared - they all tried to steal the spoon and run away with it! They absolutely loved the flavor. I am glad to have found another food option for nutritional support when my guinea pigs are ill. Also, although I fed them a small amount as I introduced a new food, none of them got sick/bloated/anything else - it seemed gentle on their tummies. Very happy to have found this product and highly recommend it! It's also a very fine grind, so it works well in syringe feeding.