Elite Pendant "Gentle Touch" Trainer by PetSafe PDT00-13377)

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Elite Pendant Static Remote Trainer by PetSafe 200 yard range and 9 levels of static stimulation

With a 200 yard range and 9 levels of static stimulation plus a tone-only option, the Elite Pendant Remote Trainer is unlike any other. The pendant-style receiver fits on any collar up to 3/4" wide.

Smooth ram-horn loops instead of contact points are more comfortable for your dog and slide easily onto your pet's normal collar. The cellphone-slide remote is small and compact, making it easy to slide into a purse or pocket.

Key Features

Fits on any collar up to 3/4" wide   Features
  • 9 adjustable levels of static correction
  • Range up to 200 yards
  • 1 dog training only
  • Waterproof receiver collar, water-resistant transmitter
  • Rechargeable transmitter battery (built-in; non-replaceable)


PDT00-13377 Elite Pendant Remote Trainer Manual

Pendant Trainer myTrainer Software for Mac OS X
(System Requirements: OS X v10.6 (Snow Leopard), 256 Mb available hard drive, 2 Gb RAM)

Pendant Trainer myTrainer Software
(System Requirements: Windows XP or higher, 256 Mb available hard drive, 2 Gb RAM)


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