DogSure Nutritional Supplement for Adult Dogs - 4 oz. Powder



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Product Description

DogSure Nutritional Supplement Powder for Adult Dogs

Our pets deserve to be happy, healthy, and comfortable. One of the biggest factors to our pets' health is making sure they have a complete and balanced diet. DogSure is formulated to provide optimal nutritional support throughout the adult stage of life. Whether a pet is recovering from injury, refusing their regular diet, or experiencing signs of aging, DogSure provides the nutritional boost a pet needs to be happy, healthy, and comfortable.

Benefits of DogSure

  • Easy to digest
  • Contains prebiotics & probiotics for digestive health
  • Contains taurine for heart and eye health
  • Fortified with vitamins and minerals
  • Flavor enhanced with vanilla
  • No corn or wheat - great for pets with allergies

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Senior Pets

Senior pets have been part of the family for a long time. And their owners would do anything for just a little more time together. DogSure gives a nutritional boost to aging pets who need help getting back to their old selves.

Injured Pets

Balanced nutrition is vital to a pet's healing process. For dogs recovering from injury or disease, DogSure provides a complete, easy-to-digest meal, fortified with vitamins and minerals to support them through the rough patches.

Picky Eaters

When pets lose their appetites, they miss important nutrients vital to their overall health. As a liquid meal replacement, DogSure is easy to eat, and pets will love the delicious vanilla flavor.

Directions for Use

Mixing Directions

Gently stir or shake1 part powder into 1 part warm water (a part may be a tablespoon or cup). Only mix enough to be consumed within 24 hours. Do not use a blender. Refrigerate reconstituted powder. Shake before use. One 4 oz. (113g) can of powder makes approximately 16 oz. (440mL) of liquid mixed at a ratio of 1:1.

Feeding Directions

Suggested Daily Feeding Rate at 0.87 kcal/mL reconstituted powder:

Body Weight (lbs) Body Weight (kg) Cups/Day
5 2.3 3/4 - 7/8
10 4.6 1 1/4 - 1 1/2
15 6.8 1 2/3 - 2
20 9.1 2 3/4 - 3 1/4
30 13.6 3 3/4 - 4 1/3
40 18.2 5 1/2 - 6 

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