DentAcetic Tooth Gel

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DentAcetic Tooth Gel

An acetic acid tooth and gum gel with sodium hexametaphosphate. The former creates a multifunctional dental product which degreases better, brightens teeth and has excellent antimicrobial effects with fewer side effects (it does not stain). The sodium hexametaphosphate is to prevent tartar and calculi formation.

DentaAcetic is an extension of the patented MalAcetic (acetic/boric acid line) which contains Shampoo, Ear/Skin Cleanser, spray-on leave-on Conditioner, and Wet Wipes.

You may ask, "Why vinegar in a dental product?" For starters, it has a broad range of antimicrobial activity, is an excellent degreaser and non-toxic - especially as compared to chlorhexidine, which has been reported to cause teeth staining and many other side effects.

Easy to use, a convenience favorite
Excellent cleaning & deodorizing features
Help brighten teeth
Helps remove and prevent plaque
Clove provides analgesic effects

1% Acetic Acid, Sodium Hexametaphosphate

(HMP), Clove


Available in 2 oz bottles



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