CoproBan for Dogs Soft Chew (3 Gram) - 20 Chews

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Product Description

CoproBan for Dogs Soft Chew

by PRN Pharmacals

CoproBan is a chewable roast beef flavored coprophagia deterrent. Conveniently packaged as a 3-gram soft chew tablet in an individual blister pack, CoproBan contains MSG, a known coprophagia deterrent and Cellulase to assist in the break down of fiber. 
  • No more messy powder residue left in the food bowl.
  • No more uncertain dosing.
  • And no more bad habit!
  • CoproBan may also be fed to cats to deter litter box feeding.
  • Ensure the pet has access to fresh water and is well hydrated.
  • A convenient, easy to use, roast beef favored soft chew used to deter coprophagia.
  • CoproBan may be fed to cats to discourage dogs from raiding the cat litter box.
Directions for Use:
For dogs and cats Less than 40 lbs, feed 1/2 soft chew with each meal. 
Over 40 lbs, feed 1 soft chew with each meal.
Feed 1/2 soft chew for every 40 lbs thereafter. 

MSG, partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, natural and artificial favors, cellulase from dried Aspergillus niger fermentation product, soy lecithin, salt.

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