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Chroniquin Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Extract

by Travco Products

Chroniquin Hemp Oil Extract is made to the same rigid quality and manufacturing standards as other Nutramax products. Travco Products, Inc. tests and verifies the ingredient levels listed on the packaging. In a recent study of commercial veterinary hemp products, only 23% (3/13) of hemp oil extracts met the levels stated on the label. The remaining 77% (10/13) either made no label claim or were determined to contain less than stated on the label.

When choosing a hemp oil extract it is also important to understand the traceability and manufacturing quality standards. Chroniquin Hemp Oil Extract uses a proprietary hemp oil blend, NMXCB1220, that can be traced from seed to extraction.

Chroniquin Hemp Tracking at

Each batch has been tested for contaminants and contains a full profile of the phytocannabinoids and terpenes found in industrial hemp. This is known as full spectrum hemp oil extract.

Scientists believe hemp oil extracts that contain a full profile of the phytocannabinoids and terpenes found in industrial hemp can lead to the entourage effect, the unlocking of the full potential of the plant compared to broad spectrum or isolate products.

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Chroniquin Hemp Oil Extract administration levels are based on research – many other brand’s administration levels have no basis in clinical research. Chroniquin has also been tested and shown to be bioavailable in dogs. Research shows that within 30 minutes, substantial plasma concentration is reached within dogs.

Chroniquin Administration at

Administer orally or over food. May be administered twice daily if desired results are not achieved.

Give an additiional 1/2 mL for each 10 pounds over 65 lbs. Individual pet results may vary. Once desired result is observed, consult your veterinarian about reducing administration levels.

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