CET VeggieDent Dental Chews for Medium/Large Dogs - Regular 30 Chews

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Product Description

C.E.T.® VeggieDent® Tartar Control Chews for Dogs

Vegetable-based chew for dogs to help clean teeth and freshen breath.

C.E.T.® VeggieDent ® Tartar Control Chews for dogs are effective and E-Z.

When used once a day, these great-tasting chews feature an exclusive Z shape and unique mechanical action that are proven to help reduce plaque and calculus, clean teeth, and freshen breath.

  • Tasty, vegetable-based formula.
  • Exclusive shape helps prolong chewing time.
  • Proven to significantly reduce plaque and calculus.
  • Animal protein free and wheat-gluten free.

VeggieDent® Chews help extend the benefit of in-clinic teeth cleaning!

✔ Reduce calculus by 70%
✔ Reduce plaque by 37%
✔ Reduce halitosis
✔ Excellent palatability 

Vegetable-based chews that work with a dog’s chewing action to freshen breath, reduce plaque, and decrease tartar formation.

  • Cleans teeth and freshens breath when chewed once a day by dogs.
  • Independent study demonstrated significant plaque and tartar control in dogs fed 1 C.E.T.® VeggieDent® Chew per day.
  • Patent-pending easy-to-hold Z-shape design and tough, chewy consistency.
  • Highly palatable vegetable-based chews for dogs. No animal-origin ingredients.
  • Available in 2 sizes; 4-inch strips for small dogs and 6-inch strips for medium and large dogs. Packaged 30 chews per bag.

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