Buddy-ID Microchip MINI CHIP with Pre-Paid Enrollment 125KHZ

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Buddy-ID MINI Microchip w/Prepaid Enrollment

Buddy ID ™ Mini Chip is recommended for all companion animals. Advanced technology and high-quality components come together in one tiny microchip. 

Mini Chip – Mini Needle.

  • Sharp stainless steel needle – half the size of regular standard microchip needles.
  • Strong BioGlass by Schott®.
  • Sealed with a Parylene® coating to ensure stability and lifetime performance.
  • Six peel and stick numbered labels are included in each pouch.
  • Comes pre-loaded in 15GA Stainless Steel Syringe.


Should you choose Buddy ID or Pro ID Mini?

  • Buddy ID™ comes with a bio-safe rubberized Collar Tag. We also include a high-quality stainless split O ring to hang it on.
  • Buddy ID and Pro ID Mini are Mini Chips.
  • Buddy ID and Pro ID Mini come with Registry Cards.  So, it's up to you!

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