Bronchicine CAe (Box of 50 Doses)

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Bronchicine CAe

Bronchicine® CAe is used for the vaccination of normal, healthy puppies and dogs as an aid in the control of canine infectious tracheobronchitis (canine cough) caused by Bordetella bronchiseptica.


Administer 1 mL subcutaneously under loose skin (back of neck) to healthy dogs at least 8 weeks of age.
Do not vaccinate into blood vessels. If blood enters the syringe choose another injection site.
For initial vaccination, a second dose is required 2-4 weeks later.
This product should be administered by subcutaneous injection only.
Annual revaccination with a single 1 mL dose is recommended.
Recommended for use in healthy dogs 8 weeks of age or older.


  • The new formulation process significantly removes extraneous gram-negative cellular debris, proteinaceous material, and lipopolysaccharides.
  • Ready to use, does not require reconstitution.
  • Non-adjuvanted, which minimizes local reactions.
  • Unique Cellular Antigen extraction process antigenic potency and minimizes potential for reactions.
  • Single-antigen vaccine. Easily supplements vaccination programs and provides planned protection against canine cough. 



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