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Product Description

Antinol Daily Joint Supplement for Dogs

ANTINOL® is a joint supplement that helps dogs maintain active lives.

Taken daily, it supports your dog’s joint health and mobility to help keep him active and playful.

Ask your veterinarian what it can do for your dog's joint health!

Your dog depends on you to help him maintain good joint health.

Look for any changes in your dog’s disposition, activity level or playfulness. Then contact your vet—no matter how insignificant they may seem.

Many factors can impact your dog's joint health, including:

  • Weight: A healthy weight can help prevent excess stress on joints.
  • Exercise: Regular exercise strengthens muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Your vet can recommend the best activities for you and your dog to enjoy.
  • Nutrition: Balanced meals with appropriate caloric content are essential to active pet lifestyles.
  • Breed: Joint health is important for any size or breed, but larger breeds may be more prone to developing joint health problems.

Supporting your dog’s joints starts with Green Lipped mussels from the open waters of New Zealand. Once harvested, these mussels are put through an extensive process to extract what becomes the main ingredient in Antinol®called PCSO-524®. This special ingredient is a blend of Omega-3s and other fatty acids known to enhance joint health.

Our patented extraction process was specially developed to retain a high concentration of these ingredients in every Antinol® capsule—keeping their beneficial properties intact.

When you give your cat Antinol®, you know he’s getting the native benefits of PCSO-524®.

Loading Dosage

Dogs less than 20lbs. - 1 SoftGel Daily
Dogs 20-40lbs. - 1-2 SoftGels Daily
Dogs Over 40lbs. - 2-4 SoftGels Daily

Maintenance Dosage

Dogs less than 40 ls. - 1 SoftGel Daily
Dogs 40lb. and up - 1-2 SoftGels Daily

Many dogs will eat Antinol straight from your hand or with their food. If your dog eats around the softgel, simply cut open the softgel and mix the contents directly into your pet's food.

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