Andis Blades - EGT UltraEdge Charcoal Clipper 5FC (65810)

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Product Description

Andis EGT UltraEdge Charcoal Clipper Blade # 5FC (65810) 

The Andis UltraEdge+ No.5 Finish Cut (FC) Blade features an Electro-Glide Technology (EGT) charcoal colored finish, which allows the blades to cut smoother and faster, as well as resists rust. The upper blade is engineered to require fewer passes through the hair saving time and money when used properly as a final step in the grooming process. Fits all Andis AG, AGC, AGR+ and MBG Models, Oster A-5 and most detachable-type clippers. Leaves hair 1/4" or 6.3 mm. The Electro-Glide Technology (EGT) Finish smoothes out natural imperfections found on metals. The finish bonds to the metal surface and the smoother finish delivers less resistance while grooming. This means the coat of hair will smoothly feed through the blade for a faster cut. Working in conjunction with our specially designed tooth patterns makes for exceptionally smooth-cutting blades.

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