Advocate PetTest Twist Top Lancets (100) - 30 Gauge

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Product Description

PetTest Twist Top Lancets (100) - 30 Gauge

by Advocate

  • For a capillary blood sample
  • Universal design fits most lancing devices.
  • Ready to use
  • Needle automatically retracts
  • Fine gauge, tri-bevel tip for virtually painless sampling
  • Consistent depth penetration

UPC: 894046001097

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Can be used with the following devices:

  • Advocate Lancing Device 
  • Aulolet
  • Microlet 
  • Autolet Mini 
  • Glucolet 
  • Hamalet 
  • Penlet II 
  • Soft Touch 
  • AutoLancet BD Lancet Device Monojector

100 Sterile Lancets

Product Review

Customer Reviews

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Rosemary M.
Look At Tip Carefully Before Use

I love these lancets EXCEPT I have found (so far) about 6 tips that are bent after you twist off the top. It looks like the machine may have put the metal tip in at an angle so there is no way for them to work properly. Great lancets, just look carefully before usingt.

Kathy M.
Great Idea

These 30-gauge lancets are just like the 26-gauge lancets that I normally use. I bought a box of these to see if they would work on my mini-schnauzer's carpal pads but I think she has so much scar tissue from the larger lancets that these don't seem to get me any blood to test. Perhaps if I'd have started with these, they may have worked better. I've also tried them on her lip but she's not having any of that.

Eileen C.

I love ordering from you and am so thankful of the great deals you give our group!!! Thank you

AnneMarie R.
Smaller gauge leaves smaller holes

I prefer these smaller gauge lancets. My dog seems to notice/react much less than when I use a larger size like 22g.

Monica M.

Advocate PetTest Twist Top Lancets - 30 Gauge