Advocate COOLshot Pre-Injection Numbing Device



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Advocate COOLshot Pre-Injection Numbing Device

"Glad I have this!"
"My diabetic dog accepts his injection better & more quietly using the Cool Shot before hand"
       Kona 4/19

COOLshot by Advocate is a revolutionary new product that naturally prevents the pain of needle sting from insulin injections, immunizations, microchip insertions, etc.

Use it anywhere on your pet's body that is affected by needle/injection pain or areas subject to minor procedures.

Stored in the freezer, simply take it out and press the stainless steel top against your pet's skin for 20 - 30 seconds to eliminate the pain of skin punctures.

COOLshot works naturally, with no drugs whatsoever, numbing the target area quickly and easily.

UPC: 852982006392

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  • Pre-injection device for elimination pain from injections, immunizations, microchipping, etc.
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Drug-free - no prescription needed
  • First Product of its kind
  • Can also be used post-injection for pain relief

Product Review

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Michale H.
Life Saver

The coolshot is one of thee best inventions for dogs who need shots daily

Grace H.
Good Design but Mixed Results

This is a high quality product and designed well. The first few times I used it on my diabetic dog it was amazing! He seemed to hardly feel the shot but then it seemed that he got used it and maybe was anticipating it. So I stopped using it for a short while but he squirmed and cried as much as ever. I have started using it again and sometimes it seems to help and sometimes not so much. I still think it is a good product and for most pets it is probably excellent.

Lisa O.
Cool shot

Works great! My dog doesn’t even know that I’m giving him his injection.


Advocate COOLshot Pre-Injection Numbing Device

Tonya H.

Good product