Why Some Pets Need Digestive Support

digestive support

Imagine this: You’re going out of town for a weekend and you drop your dog off at a friend’s. You bring some food along—you really like your pup to have a regular diet because you’ve noticed his demeanor and comfort are affected by what he eats. You leave, knowing that your dog is in good hands.

Your friend has a barbecue. Her friends shove chicken bones in the dog’s bowl. Corn cobs at the dog’s feet. Potato salad under the table.

For many of us, conjuring up this scene doesn’t involve imagination; this is reality. Digestive support products are especially important to your pet because, although you may have the very best intentions for your animals’ food choices, you aren’t always in control.

On top of that, it’s a good bet that many emergency visits involve the digestive tract in one way or another. Insurance companies agree. We all know how curious cats and dogs are, and how oblivious many pet owners and pet owners’ friends can be.

For those reasons, we strive to offer you and your customers some insurance of your own with our digestive support supplements. Granted, they are not cures for curiosity or an insatiable belly, but they are meant to support our four-legged friends’ G.I. tracts in every other way, and to help your customers expect the unexpected.

That’s especially true of our Fast Balance G.I. products, which are designed to deal with…how shall we say it? The pressing issues. Formulated to support fast digestion normalization and deal with garbage gut, nervous gut or food sensitivities, it contains a specialized yeast extract rich in mannan oligosaccharides derived from the cell wall of yeast right alongside probiotics (including: bacillus subtillus, mixed lactic acid bacteria, Enterococcus faecium), fungal derived enzymes from Aspergillus oryzae, and B vitamins.

The combination is unparalleled. It can make a great G.I. support product for those in-between times— and would prefer not to spend it constantly cleaning up dog mess.

Other balance supporting products are designed to maintain the gut environment during all the other, normal times, so that when Fido does sneak his way into the coffee grounds, your nights won’t be as sleepless.

It’s pretty obvious that gut health is one of the most important areas of wellness to maintain—for all animals.