How to Treat a Dog's Hot Spots

For us, a hot spot is a popular place to have fun. For dogs a hot spot is no picnic. Hot spots (also known as acute moist dermatitis) are inflamed, infected areas of skin that spread rapidly due to licking and scratching. Redness, oozing, itchiness and sometimes hair loss are all symptoms. Some dogs are more prone to hot spots than others, but this pesky problem can affect any dog.

Trim the area around the hot spot with scissors. If the area is too big, you should shave it. Exposing it to air will dry out the moisture and help speed healing.

Clean the area with a mild water-based cleanser - Liquid Health EAR SOLUTION works well. After you have cleaned the area pat dry gently.
Prevent your dog from biting, licking or scratching the area. We have found that BITTER YUCK will keep him from biting and licking at it.
NOW treat the area with Liquid Health Spot Shot.