18 Grooming Tips


1.    Use comb attachments over a 10SE or 30SE blade for a smoother finish.

2.    Your pet will behave better if you can get him off the floor for his grooming process. If you don't have a grooming table, put a non-skid cloth on the kitchen counter or washing machine. This will raise the pet up and give him a safe footing.

3,    Make sure the pet's coat is completely knot free before using your comb attachments.

Check your pet's coat with a comb after brushing to make sure all the tangles are out.

Trim and grind your pet's nails after the bath. The nails are softer and make it easier to work with.

When brushing your pet, mist the coat with a diluted cream rinse solution to reduce static electricity.

Bump up the speed on your multi-speed clippers to reduce track lines and get a better a finish.

Slow down the speed on your multi-speed clippers to reduce blade heat when doing fine detail work.

Get a grooming book for your breed from local bookstore or library. They also have grooming books for mixed breeds.

Groom a mixed breed as close to the breed as it resembles for optimum good looks.

Purchase a strong enough clipper, not trimmer, for the breed you wish to groom.

Be sure to use the correct blade length for coat removal. Consult the Andis Blade Chart for correct blades for your breed.

.   Brush, comb, wash and dry the coat for best clipping results.

If your dog is badly matted you will probably have to use a size 7 skip tooth blade and you may need more than one.

If a #7 skip tooth blade will not get under the matting, you can use a #10 which comes on your clipper.

.   Before you start clipping make sure you oil the blade on both metal runners. Let the blade run for 10 seconds and then wipe off excess with paper towel.

If the blade gets bogged down in the coat, remove the blade from the clipper and slide the top blade gently half way over the bottom blade and brush out the hair. Then slide the top blade in the other direction and brush that side too.

Next put the blade back on the clipper and with the clipper running wash it in blade wash for 6 - 10 seconds keeping the clipper in a downward position. Oil the blade, wipe off the excess and continue clipping.