CliniCare Canine/Feline Liquid Diet - 8 Ounce

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CliniCare Canine/Feline Liquid Diet

by Abbot Labs

CliniCare Canine/Feline is an excellent first choice for a liquid diet to deliver complete and balanced nutrition for adult dogs and cats that are ill, injured, or recovering. It can also be given to geriatric patients in the hospital or at home.

Using CliniCare is as Easy as A-B-C

Deliver Nutrition at Home

Easily administered via feeding tube, syringe or free choice. CliniCare can be fed in a bowl, with a syringe or feeding tubes. It can be used during recovery from illness, after surgery, after painful dental procedures, or any other time your pet cannot or will not eat on its own.

CliniCare Canine/Feline Liquid Diet Formulated to meet AAFCO standards for complete nutrition and maintenance of adult dogs and cats. CliniCare RF Liquid Diet meets AAFCO standards for maintenance of adult cats requiring a low protein diet. 

Ready to feed in a pop-top can. No mixing, diluting or addition of nutrients required. Store unopened cans at room temperature.

Feeding Sooner Can Minimize Risks
Conventional wisdom says animals will eat when they feel better, but there's a new train of thought saying they will feel better when they eat.

Protein                    30%
Fat                           45%
Carbohydrate         25% 

By addressing nutrition as soon as possible after surgery, the patient will spend less time in the hospital, have a quicker return to the desired weight, and reap the benefits of support to the immune system and healing process.

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