RuffDawg Floating Rock Toy 3.5"

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Product Description

RuffDawg Floating Rock Toy 3.5"

Made in the USA, Recyclable, FDA-Approved

What our Customers say:

"The best ball ever!! Never throw a rock for your dog- unless it’s the Ruffdawg"
           Lori B

Rock! Rugged solid rubber toy with a lightly textured surface, that crazy-bounces for active retrieving fun. The Rock also floats for water retrieval! In assorted bright and neon colors.

Made in the USA

UPC 696486329966

050720 062520 082020

Product Review

Customer Reviews

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Walter N.
Floating Rock lasted 27 minutes😡

After finding the RuffDawg solid ball I thought all products that said solid rubber ( from RuffDawg) was the same. My German Shepherd has destroyed Every chew toy ever bought for him. The ball has lasted over four months with not as much as a dent or tear . If you have a power chewer the floating rock it’s not for you. did buy a cube and it is great like the ball -Tuff !! I had ordered a medium ball and got the wrong thing but let him try it anyway. Service was good. Product failed. I really needed the smaller ball wbn

Lori B.
The best ball ever!!

My dog loves this ball and only this ball. It bounces super far and is very durable.