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Stool Eating Deterrent for Pets

Widely used to break dogs and puppies of the undesirable habit of stool eating. The powder is tasteless, however, after digestion, it imparts a forbidding taste to the stool. Mix one packet with daily ration. One to three days of treatment is usually sufficient. FOR-BID stops coprophagy (pets eating stool). Vegetable protein and sodium glutamate work in the digestive system to give stools a bad taste.

Simply sprinkle FOR-BID on dog food and after the food is consumed, this will impart a forbidden and unpalatable taste to the feces. FOR-BID is not an enzyme mixture which alters the normal endogenous digestive process. FOR-BID has been used by thousands of veterinarians in both cats and dogs without adverse reactions and with excellent efficacy.

Large dogs, the size of German shepherds, sprinkle the contents of 1/2 package on the dog food two times a day for 5 to 6 days (morning and night). This will usually curb coprophagy for months, often permanently.

In small dogs or puppies, you may give one-quarter of a pack two times a day for four days (morning and night).
Cats - 1/4 packet of FOR-BID per day, for 4-5 days.
Horses - 1½ packets, two times per day (morning and night), for 2-3 days typically deters this behavior.

If Coprophagy starts again after initial dosage of FOR-BID, give 1 gram per day (from the 8 gram package) for 2-3 weeks or as necessary.

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Janis M.
Forbid Packets

I am so glad I found your store. I am able to order these packets when I need them. Thank you. Great service.

Jimmy W.
4 Dachshunds

I think we need to order another round. I really think it has do some good.

Jane Z.

ordered and came next day. Great service!!!!

Alice C.

Super first delivery and product, Forbid, seems to be working. Thank you so very much!

craig p.
For-bid works better than all others

We have tried a few other deterrents. This one works very well. I don't think anything is 100%, but this one definitely curtailed the activity better than all others. Along with picking up A.S.A.P. I give a little bit more by rounding out slightly the little 1/2 tsp. scoop I use for a 20lb mini aussie ( I have never given a full tsp.) . No adverse issues like loose stool or vomiting ever. My Vet stated there have been no adverse effects re: MSG that he is aware of. A couple of products we tried previously, I obtained from PetCareRX, did nothing at all to deter. But I don't like PetCareRX anymore anyway. They are no longer managed by nice people. Countryside is where people work who love furry kids and they want to actually help you. Give For-bid a try